The Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology is a part of the University of Bialystok, which is the largest university in this region of Poland, both in respect of the number of researchers, fields of study and forms of education offered and of the number of students and graduates. The University consists of nine faculties, including one located abroad in Vilnius, Lithuania. At present, the University offers courses in 27 fields of study and over 70 specializations for approx. 17,000 students. The major fields of study offer unique and inter-faculty courses created to meet the social demands. In 2010 and 2011, the UoB was awarded 3rd place, whereas in 2012, it was one of five laureates and received the “Good School – Good Job” certificate in the contest for “The Most Innovative and Creative University in Poland”. In 2011, the UoB was awarded the “University of Leaders” certificate by the Foundation for the Development of Education and Higher Learning.

The Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology can boast 40-year tradition of teacher education in our region. The Faculty has trained approximately 20,800 master’s students, 2,600 bachelor’s students and 60 Doctors of Philosophy in Education. It offers bachelor and master’s programmes in pre-school and elementary education available as full-time and part-time studies. Graduates of the Faculty are highly qualified teachers working in private and public kindergartens and elementary schools (grades I-III). The Faculty also offers a number of postgraduate courses for teachers and other education professionals. The Faculty has two well-equipped auditoriums (for approx. 450 participants), providing modern space with high seating capacity, where various faculty and university events, international conferences, book presentations and university-related activities are held.