With the population about 300,000 citizens, Bialystok is the largest city in north-eastern Poland and an important administrative, cultural, academic and scientific centre in the region. The town has a specific atmosphere resulting from the coexistence of many nationalities, religions, cultures, customs and traditions (e.g., Poles, Belarusians, Jews, Germans, Russians and Tatars), absent from other parts of Poland. Moreover, Bialystok is located in the area known as the Green Lungs of Poland, covered by many forests and green areas which create a unique ecological climate. The city also offers a wide variety of beautiful cultural and architectural experiences and has very well developed communications with other Polish cities.

Within a few dozen kilometres from the city there are many historic and natural conservation areas of European importance. The most famous among them is the Białowieża National Park, the habitat of European bisons included in the World Heritage List recognized by UNESCO as a World Biosphere Reserve (see under the link: https://europetrekking.wordpress.com/2015/11/13/).